IGS Videos 2023

The Game Changer: Making in-game branding an attractive proposition
The Esports Olympic Medal Quest: Path for India to win an esports Olympic medal
A Glimpse into the Future of Gaming Tech and Gadgets
From Grassroots To Global: Capturing the vast esports opportunity in India
4th International Gaming Conference 2023_ Opening Remarks and Fireside Chat
Decoding Gen Z: Understanding the Habits and Behaviours of the Next Generation
Unleashing the Potential of India's Gaming Talent Market
Fireside Chat - The Indian gaming landscape – Where do the big bets lie?
Web 3.0 and gaming: The Indian context and way forward
Social Gaming – Trends in India and World
Unlocking the potential of Gaming, E-Sports and Metaverse with 5G
Gaming for Her: Innovative Strategies to expand and build engagement with women gamers in India
Metaverse - the new frontier for brands: Creating a tailored approach to the Indian market
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